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Rural Wastelands Cyberspace Workshop

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Not far away, and not long ago,

there lived a strange man who detested the snow.

Yuletide festivities left him quite cold

despite the fact that he wasn't that old.

Such were the humble beginnings of the person who would later become the Anti-Claus.  To discover the rest of the story as well as the theory behind the Anti Claus and what he has to offer, please feel free to browse the site.  We here at the Rural Wastelands Cyberspace Workshop sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit!

About the Rural Wastelands Cyberspace Workshop

The Rural Wastelands Cyberspace Workshop is the online arm of the vast conglomerate that comprises the many ventures with which the Anti Claus is involved.   Currently, we are working with the Rural Wastelands Manufacturing Workshop to offer a selection of ANti Claus gear for your holiday needs.  Please check back frequently to see the latest selections.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Rural Wastelands Cyberspace Workshop with any questions or comments pertaining to the Anti Claus.

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General Information: info@theanticlaus.com
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Send mail to theantic@theanticlaus.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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